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Open hours: Monday - Saturday




Our bread and butter program. CrossFit is truly designed for everyone. Its a blend of strength and conditioning workouts all fully coached by an experienced trainer. Every session is fully scalable which makes it perfect for any fitness level. Each session is different so it keeps the body guessing but also eliminates any boredom! Classes run for one hour and will include mobility work, warming up, strength work and conditioning work.

Olympic Lifting

Our Olympic lifting class runs on a Wednesday at 5pm. This session is designed the breakdown the Snatch and Clean and Jerk as well as mobility and strength work to compliment the lifts.


Our SurgeFit program runs on a Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. These sessions are designed to get the heart rate up and blood pumping without using barbells or more of the complex gymnastic elements. A perfect class for those looking to compliment sport outside of the gym or just come in twice a week for a great workout!