The Original CrossFit Gym In Canning Vale WA 💪 0426 233 151
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    Amy Gowers, 31

    “CrossFit makes me a better Mum because it’s a stress relief for me… I like feeling strong and confident which is why I train with weights”


    Renee Broad, 39

    “There’s nothing better in the world than feeling more capable when walking down the street… CrossFit has changed who I am, it’s made me a happier person, it’s done wonders for depression and anxiety”


    Sally Edwards, 42

    “In my 20’s I got sick a lot and wasn’t looking after myself, 5 years ago I found CrossFit and never looked back… I have met some of the best friends here, the social community is amazing”



    Nathan Croker, 43

    “I believe my life will be longer because of CrossFit… It has improved my professional life and mental health massively”


    Daria Rudakova, 29

    “Before this I just went to spin classes or group fitness, I got pretty bored… I realised I can do a lot more things and be athletic and strong”


    Brendan Rawiri, 21

    “I didn’t think someone my size could do it, but there’s always variations… I prefer it to regular gym training because you get that team feeling and a family that motivate you to get better”